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Santorini Quad Tour

Santorini Quad Biking

Santorini is a great island to explore by hiring a quad bike or scooter. The island is shaped a bit like a backwards ‘C’ and is easy to get around even if you don’t have a map!
We hired a quad bike and firstly travelled south from Fira to see Red Beach, where the cliffs are a striking red against the aqua sea.

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Santorini Sunset Boat Cruise

One of our highlights on Santorini was actually getting off the island – on a sunset boat cruise! There are a few different companies that do boat trips from Santorini but we went with Dakoutros Bros, partly because of their old wooden clipper-style boats.

We departed from the Old Port in Fira and our first stop was the volcanic island of Nea Kameni. The island looks like it’s from a science fiction movie – its completely made of volcanic rock and is desolate.

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Monastiraki Flea Markets, Athens

Antiques from Monastiraki Flea Markets

The Monastiraki flea markets would have to be some of my favourite markets I have ever been to. It was the perfect balance of old and new, cheap and luxurious, and quirky, locally made finds. The markets are actually more like small shopfronts along a paved walkway, until the real ‘flea’ section starts, where antiques and furniture are sprawled along the pavement waiting for treasure seekers.

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One Day in Athens

One Day in Athens

The moment we arrived in Athens we were surprised with the culture and helpfulness of the people. Before we made it to our hotel from the airport, we had already witnessed strangers helping tourists that needed directions, young people giving their seats on the train to the elderly and a man who rushed over to help us find our hotel when we pulled out our map.