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A Visit to Fragonard Perfume Museum

Fragonard is a French perfume company that makes and sells their products only in France. They have about half a dozen locations in Paris, originated in Grasse in the South and have a factory in the town of Eze, about half an hour from Nice. We visited their newly opened perfume museum in Paris and learnt all about the history of perfume, how they make it and also how they determine all the scents! It was free to visit and we had a guide take us through the museum on an English-speaking tour.

The scents of perfume are called ‘notes’, and they are arranged in a particular order and placed in an ‘organ’ type shape to distinguish each smell.

Since Fragonard don’t do any advertising or marketing, they can keep their prices quite low. And of course, at the end of the tour there is perfume smelling and special deals for purchasing perfume. I bought the fragrance ‘Belle Cherie’ which is quite sweet and has notes of jasmine, rose and melon. All their perfumes are in simple metal bottles that protect the scent from any damage by heat, humidity and light.

The entrance to the museum, off rue Bruno Coquatrix.


Belle Cherie.


Dreamy paper window displays.

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  • That would have been really interesting. Must have been difficult to choose a perfume, did all the fragrances mix together?


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