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What to expect when visiting Petra

The Treasury at Petra, Jordan

Are you thinking of visiting Petra from Israel? A day trip or overnight trip is easily achievable if you have the time in your schedule – and Petra is well worth the visit! While there may be a few unknowns when booking your trip, here’s what to expect when visiting Petra, to help you relax and enjoy your time at this wonder of the world!

About Petra
So what is all the fuss about Petra? Petra is an ancient lost city famous for its rock-cut architecture.

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What you need to know about visiting the Dead Sea

What you need to know about visiting the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a unique part of the world and also has the claim to fame of being the lowest place on earth! At -427 metres below sea level, the Dead Sea has an amazing amount of benefits including increased oxygen levels and minerals in the water. Read on for some tips and what you need to know about visiting the Dead Sea!

For directions on getting to the Dead Sea by car from Jerusalem, see my previous post on visiting Masada and Ein Gedi.

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Israel: Visiting Ein Gedi and Masada

Masada walk to Herod's Palace

There are plenty of organised day tours to Ein Gedi and Masada from Jerusalem (check out Abraham Tours), but if you want to travel independently, it can be a little harder to find information on this area! Some tours can be quite pricey and won’t include a guide. Sometimes its just better to do it yourself, so read on about how to visit Ein Gedi and Masada.

Getting there:
We hired a car for a portion of our stay in Israel to get from Jerusalem down to Eilat in the south.

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How to DIY on a Budget

tips to DIY on a budget

When I think of DIY, I naturally assume that doing it myself means the final product will be more tailored to my needs, creative or fun to produce and most importantly: cheaper.
However, often I have all of the materials I need for a project except for one or two things, which I go out and buy, and then never use again. Whether you are doing a lot of DIYs or just love to be creative, it can be a bit of a drain on your wallet.

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